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A collection of audio from two interviews taken with Gerald One Feather. One interview was in April 2000 and the other in September 2007.
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A collection of photos with narrative descriptions by Documentary Photo Aids on the Wounded Knee Occupation in 1973.
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A selection from the collection of audio interviews conducted by the Oglala Lakota Legal Rights Fund in 1982.
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A selection of documents connected with the Managers As Warriors Program as well as a selection of audio interviews with local community members taken in 1988-1990.
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A collection of photographs taken at the Yellow Thunder Camp site in the Black Hills in 1981.
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A collection on some of the traditional plants used by the Lakota people.
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A collection of Traditional Arts making videos recorded and edited by Oglala Lakota College television productions department, KOLC.
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A collection of donated material to the OLC Archives from Anne Bodman and Andrew Hollander.
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A collection of a locally published newspaper in Manderson, South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation from 1970 to 1981. Note: the OLC Archives does not have every issue.
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A collection of photos, documents and video tied to Delegations and Treaties.